We are here today to let you know about the Arab Countries Scholarships which presently available and the universities which their scholarships are ongoing for the benefits of interested aspirants.

Do you know there are some Universities still available for scholarship application and registration at the moment?

Below is the list of available Universities that still accept scholarship application, starting date, closing date, requirements as well as terms and conditions of those universities.

List of the Available Arab Countries Scholarships

We gathered the list of the Arab Countries universities that still open their application portal for the benefit of the scholarship seekers around the globe. Check one after the other.

#1. Islamic University of Madinah Bachelor’s Program

The Deanship of Admission and Registration at the Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia has been announced the opening of its scholarship application for the bachelor’s degree program.

The portal opens in the earlier Month of March 2020, although it was once closed, but it’s open back and will last till a moment best known to the university authority.

How To Register for the Scholarship

To register for the scholarship of the Islamic University of Madinah, click here, to know anything about the university, visit this link. It’s the official page for the application.

If there are any issues with the application from your edge, kindly let us know in our comment section. We will attend to you as soon as possible.

#2. Al Qasimia University Scholarship

AlQasimia University Scholarship and admission for the undergraduate stage at Sharjah, UAE has been opened for the fall of the second semester 2020/2021 for the following colleges:

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1- College of Sharia and Islamic Studies
2- College of Arts and Humanities
3- College of Economics and Administration
4- College of Communication
5- College of the Noble Qur’an

AlQasimia University is opened to students who wish to apply for their scholarship through its portal for the above-mentioned programs as from 10/10/2020 while the closing date is unknown. It can be closed anytime from the moment.

How To Apply?

The learnings at Al Qasimia University under the scholarship sponsorship are free of charge in accordance with the dictates controlled by the institution council, and in a style that seems not to collide with the ordinances administering this.

To apply now and know what you need before applying, kindly visit this website by clicking here. If there is any problem, let us know.

Do you have an interest in Majmaah University? Kindly learn about the conditions for the admission, required documents, and how to apply through this link.

Try to apply now as the application to Majmaah University for external scholarship might end soon. Apply before it’s too late.

#3. E-learning and Distance Education at Islamic University of Madinah

Approval for the establishment of the Deanship of Distance Education was issued in accordance with Higher Education Council Decision No. 21/48/1428 dated 12/27/1428 AH, crowned by the gracious approval of No. 5151 / MB, and the date of 3/7/1429 AH.

The university aims to establish the Deanship of Education for some reasons.

One of the aims behind it is to be giving a bright picture of what higher education has reached in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The program provides study opportunities at the university for Muslim children from all over the world without the hassle of traveling and alienating.

One of the missions of the Islamic University is a global message and the percentage of non-Saudis in it (80%) represents more than (150) nationalities.

How To Apply for the E-Learning and Distance learning of the Islamic University

To apply for e-learning and distance education learning at the Islamic University of Madinah, click on the Islamic University of Madinah E-learning and Distance Education. If there are any issues regarding this, let us know.

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#4. King Abdulaziz University Scholarship

King Abdulaziz University announced the commencement of programs in different fields of studies and many programs.

This involves an Arabic Language Diploma, Undergraduate programs (Bachelor degree), Master, and Doctoral for the next academic year of the university.

As we all know, the application submission to the King Abdulaziz University scholarship (KAU) won’t be processed anywhere other than their official website. 

How To Apply for KAU scholarship?

Which scholarship application do you want to apply for in the university? Is it a Diploma/Bachelor’s degree, Master’s program, or Ph.D. program?

Answer it within yourself and read further to select the correct link for the program of your choice through this link: https://getfullscholarship.online/king-abdulaziz-university-scholarship.

If there is any issues, kindly let us know.

#5. The Islamic University of Madinah Postgraduate Scholarship

The Islamic University of Madinah postgraduate scholarship is now available for interested individuals. This is what the Deanship of Graduate Studies announces just recently on its Twitter page.

The university aims to convey the Islamic message to the people around the world through education and da’wah is opened to educates more Muslim students at the postgraduate level.

The university offers the broadest in selecting different students in various programs ranging from undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. students in various majors and minors from different reputable colleges in the Islamic University of Madinah.

In IU of Madinah, you can benefit from the university irrespective of whether you are a Saudi Kingdom citizen or an international student as the university is rich with countless opportunities.

How To Apply

Do you want to apply for the Islamic University of Madinah postgraduate scholarship? The university is currently accepting student applications right now. You can click this link to learn about the documents required, eligibility criteria, and the link to apply.

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#6. Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University Re-enrollment Applications

Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University is an institution considered to be among the top-ranked universities in the Saudi Arabia Kingdom. It lately announces the outset of accepting application requests from the students who yearn to request for re-registration for the second semester of 1442 A.H.

The university Deanship of Admission and Registration made this announcement clearly recently for any interested applicant.

The university welcomes all the interested candidates to begin their re-enrollment applications starting from 24/02/1442 A.H which equivalents to 11/10/2020. As we suggested beforehand, this is plainly the application submission for re-enrollment at the university. Visit here to re-enroll now.

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The above article is all about the available Arab countries’ universities that are opened presently and accept applications from International students. All the aforementioned universities offer fully-funded scholarships except for the E-learning and Distance Education at the Islamic University of Madinah as it involves a fee.

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