Najran University Scholarships for Internal and External Scholarship

Najran university جامعة نجران
Written by Mabroor Ahmad

Online applications for bachelor’s degrees is opened at Najran University to non-Saudi students through the university’s online portal.

The application submission is opened to both internal and international (external) students who wish to pursue their studies in undergraduate program.

The Deanship of Admission and Registration at the Najran University announces the commencement of scholarship applications for non-Saudi students.

The students who wish to apply for the scholarship will be able to enroll for the online applications for admission to the bachelor’s degree.

It will be available through the electronic portal from Sunday 01/03/1442 AH which corresponds to 18/10/2020 AD until Thursday 12/03/1442 AH corresponds to 29/03/2020 AD.

Conditions Required for Najran University Scholarship

Najran University sets a number of conditions for both external and internal grants. The conditions are considered to be eligibility conditions.

#1. Internal Grants

There is a set of number of conditions for applicants for internal grants which are as follows:

  • The preference in admission at the university is limited to both female and male students who have a score of 90% in high school, 80% in general abilities, 80% in achievement (if the applicant wants to apply for scientific majors), and 90% in high school, and 80% in general abilities (for theoretical majors).
  • Admission is opened for the applicants in all majors except for health majors.
  • The applicants must have a high school diploma certificate from inside the Saudi Kingdom.
  • The age of his certificate should not have exceeded five years since his high school leaving date.
  • Admission to the internal grant is limited to the capabilities available in the departments, and a comparison is made between applicants in accordance with the criteria terms.
  •  Presentation of a clear image of a valid residence.

#2. External Grants

The admission conditions required which applied to Saudis in higher education institutions are as well applicable to the external scholarship applicants, except for the condition of ability and achievement.

The conditions required for the external grants are as follows:

  • The external grants applicant should not have earned another grant from an educational institution in the Kingdom of Saudi.
  • The student’s age is not less than seventeen (17) years old and not more than twenty-five (25) years old.
  • He must present a free-of-precedent certificate from the security services in his country.
  • The certificates and other documents of the applicants must be attested and certified by the competent authorities in the candidate’s country, and the embassy and cultural attachés in the applicant’s country.

Other Requirements

  • The students must not have been previously dismissed from any educational institution in the Saudi Kingdom.
  • Admission is available in every major except for health majors.
  • When a scholarship student is being accepted into a specific major, he has no right to change the major.
  • The presentation of reports that shows his fluent in spoken and written Arabic.
  • He must pass the medical examination which determines by the university authority.
  • The applicants are not allowed to be with a student except he’s covered by a grant or with a regular residence, or on the register of an employer who is in need of his services.
  • The applicant must be able to speak and write the Arabic language fluently.
  • A clear copy of the image of a valid passport is to be uploaded.
  •  A clear copy of the image of the applicant’s high school diploma is archived.

How To Apply for Najran University Scholarship

If you meet up with the conditions required to apply for the scholarship at Najran University (either internal or external grants), you can apply.

You can now apply for the scholarship, you don’t have to wait anymore. The application starts today Sunday – 01/03/1442 AH (18/10/2020 AD).

This grant is for both (males and females), and you can apply for either internal or external grants. Now click here to Apply for Najran University grants.

You can learn how to apply for Najran University admission by watching the below short tutorial’s video on Youtube.

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