The University of Bisha Scholarships is opened for the interested individuals who wish to pursue their education at undergraduate level in the university for 2021-2022 academic session.

University of Bisha was established in 2013 and is a public institution based in Bisha, Asir. It provides non-profit education. The University of Bisha (UB) is an officially recognised Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education and a joint educational institution for Saudi Arabia.

UB also offers courses and programs in many fields of study leading to officially recognized university degrees such as bachelors. Under the UB, students will also access numerous academic and non-academic resources such as libraries, online classes, distance learning, and management services.

About Bisha University Regarding Location

Bisha is a beautiful and prosperous town in the southwest corner of Saudi Arabia. Set in Wadi-bisha, the 205,000 people mid-sized city enjoys a rich, green grass, fountains and over 3 million palm trees for tourists and residents.

Water has been harnessed and turned into irrigation and drinking water for the local population through technological ingenuity and the use of a massive dam. Education at Bisha is a big focus as students enter older technicians into this legacy of innovative thought, which goes back to the ancient village of Al Nakeeh in the near vicinity.

Details About the University of Bisha Scholarships

  • Country: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • City: Bisha
  • Host: University of Bisha (UB)
  • Degree Level: Undergraduate
  • Financial Type: Fully Funded
  • Eligible Nations: International students and Saudi Residents
  • Starting Date: 14th February 2021
  • Deadline: 1st April 2021
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Who Can Apply for University of Bisha Scholarships?

The university of Bisha scholarships are open for any interested individuals who wish to pursue their education in university first degree level. It is opened to both international students (from countries outside the Saudi Arabia Kingdom), and Saudi residents.

The University of Bisha scholarships are not limited to male students only. The scholarship is also available for female students. Do you want to apply? Kindly read further and learn how to apply for it in the next paragraphs.

How To Apply for the University of Bisha Scholarships

The University of Bisha scholarships application is receiving through the university website online. No other method to submit your scholarship application at UB except via the university’s portal.

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The deadline for this scholarship application is April 01, 2021. The interested individuals can start sending their application right now. Failure to submit your scholarship application within the period mentioned above will make your request invalid. Below is the link to start and submit your application.

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