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How To Get Full Free AlQasimia University Scholarship 2020/2021 [Updated Oct, 2020]

AlQasimia University Scholarship and admission for the undergraduate stage at Sharjah, UAE has been opened for the fall second semester 2020/2021 for the following colleges:

1- College of Sharia and Islamic Studies
2- College of Arts and Humanities
3- College of Economics and Administration
4- College of Communication
5- College of the Noble Qur’an

The above are the available faculties and colleges at AlQasimia University in which you can choose one out of them.

AlQasimia University Scholarship Starting and Closing Date

AlQasimia University is opens to students who wish to apply for their scholarship through its portal for the abovementioned programs as from 10/10/2020 while the closing date is unknown. It can be closed anytime from the moment.

how to get alqasimia university scholarship

Register now before its too late. To see explanations with images on how to apply for the AlQasimia University scholarship, just click here now.

AlQasimia University Scholarship program

  • The scholarship program is limited to students admitted to the university from outside the United Arab Emirates only.
  • The scholarship student receives a monthly reward determined by the university (according to the laws and regulations).
  • The monthly bonus will be paid during the summer semester for registered students only. Studies are compulsory in the summer semester.

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