The Islamic University of Madinah is one of the top universities in Arab region generally. It also ranked as one of the best universities in the whole world. It accepts both international students and Saudi Kingdom residents.

The Madinah University offers major scholarships to students almost in every academic levels, such as Bachelor’s, Master’s, Diploma, and PhD. degrees. Those scholarships are nothing but fully-funded for interested individuals.

In November 2020, the university requested from all its applicants to update their social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter on their application portals. The update is still on till this moment. Thus, the deadline has been set to 29/06/1442 AH which equivalents to February 11, 2021 AD for those who haven’t updated their accounts.

The Deanship of Admission and Registration of the university explains further that any applicants who fail to update his social media accounts as per request may loss his scholarship.

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Do you want to learn how to update your social media account on Islamic University of Madinah website? Kindly follow me on this step by step tutorial on how to complete the task.

How To Update Social Media Accounts on Islamic University of Madinah Website

Follow the below steps and complete the updates within 5 minutes:

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Step 1: Find Your Profile URL

The first task is to find your profile ID on Facebook. Log in to your Facebook account and go to your profile. Click on the three dots beside message button as shown below. Then select, “copy link”.

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Step 2: Paste the Link to Know Your Profile ID

Use any browser of your choice and type this url: Allow this website to load first. After loaded fully, paste the url in the specified space. Then click “Find Facebook ID”. It will display your ID to you in form a digits. Then, copy this ID and go to the Madinah University admission website.

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Also, you can use this same method to find your twitter ID. Just go to your twitter account, then copy your profile url.

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Step 3: Paste Your ID on Islamic University of Madinah Website

After completion of step 1 & 2 above, go to the official website of the university. Locate “Update Social Media Accounts” or “تحديث بيانات التواصل الاجتماعي”. Now paste your Facebook and Twitter IDs that you copied.

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If you don’t understand this step by step tutorial on how to update your social media accounts on Islamic University of Madinah website. The below video tutorial will help you. Kindly watch the video and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos.

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