Approval for the establishment of the Deanship of Distance Education at the Islamic University of Madinah was issued in accordance with Higher Education Council Decision No. 21/48/1428 which dated 12/27/1428 AH, crowned by the gracious approval of No. 5151 / MB, and the date of 3/7/1429 AH.

Aims for the establishment of E-learning and Distance Learning

– Giving a bright picture of what higher education has reached in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

– Providing the correct Islamic knowledge in modern methods that suit the requirements of the times.

– Providing study opportunities at the university for Muslim children from all over the world without the hassle of traveling and alienating, as the mission of the Islamic University is a global message and the percentage of non-Saudis in it (80%) represents more than (150) nationalities.

– The increasing demand for studying at the university, where more than ten thousand applications are received annually, and the desire for only about a thousand are fulfilled.

– The need for the global and local labor market for the Islamic University’s outputs in the field of advocacy and education.

– Take advantage of modern technology and use it to develop the educational process and achieve the university’s goals and noble mission.

– Providing scientific programs and tracks with high-quality competitive specifications.

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Deanship’s Objectives

The Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Education at the Islamic University aims to achieve the following goals:

1. Contribute to providing knowledge and knowledge through modern technologies.   
2. Academic support for faculty members in developing and enhancing the educational process in the electronic environment.
3. Providing a comprehensive educational electronic environment that includes the Internet with all its educational services: electronic labs, smart classes, electronic research, and an electronic library.
4. Providing highly qualified human resources, especially in the field of developing scientific materials.
5. Create an administrative and procedural environment and provide financial incentives for the success of the distance education process.
6. Providing training programs related to the education process, developing and using digital materials for both faculty, students, and administrators.
7. Applying the concept of quality in accordance with international standards. 
8. Evaluating and developing distance education at the university.
9. Access to the virtual university branch of the Islamic University.

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Electronic services

The Deanship of e-learning and distance education deals with all matters of e-learning at the university from providing infrastructure, electronic learning resources, and global e-learning systems, and providing the necessary training in them. 

Preparing and introducing interactive simultaneous education systems that provide direct interaction between students and their teachers, the necessary software to prepare and develop educational materials, and advanced systems for recording lectures at all their activities.

We also provide them for students as they can be browsed and re-displayed using the Internet at any time and place, and to move forward towards an integrated e-learning environment to serve University students towards excellence and upgrading the university’s academic services.

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How To Apply for Islamic University of Madinah E-learning and Distance Program

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Students are the product that the university supplies to society and through which the university gains its reputation and standing. The Deanship will have a focus on this category, whether students who learn on campus or students who learn without being on campus (distance education). 

To apply, click on Islamic University E-learning

Fill all the fields with your names, email, academic field, and area of specialization.

For more info about the E-learning, click here

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