Jouf University scholarship is now available for students who wish to study in the Saudi Arabia Kingdom.

The Deanship of Admission and Registration at Jouf University announces the starting of receiving scholarship requests from interested non-Saudi who reside in the Kingdom os Saudi for the next academic year.

The announcement was made through the twitter handle of the university of Jouf on September 22 in order to create awareness for the commencement of scholarship applications from non-Saudi who reside in the Saudi Kingdom.

In other words, the scholarship could be referred to as internal scholarships.

Jouf University is now fully open for internal scholarships to non-Saudis who have an interest in studying at the Jouf in the Saudi Arabia Kingdom.

This higher institution is one of the universities which offer scholarships for students who have an interest in studying in Arab countries from outside the country or citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Jouf University Scholarship – Types

The Jouf University scholarship is available in various grants for the students, and it can be classified into two types.

They are:

  • Internal Scholarships (for any individual who are non-Saudi students but resides in the Kingdom of Saudi with a legitimate residency) and willing to study in the university, and
  • External scholarships (for any interested students who are also non-Saudi citizens but reside outside the Saudi Kingdom).
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The learnings at Jouf University under the scholarship sponsorship are partially free or paid in accordance with the dictates controlled by the institution council, and in a style that seems not to collide with the ordinances administering this.

Also, the Jouf University scholarship (internal grants) is currently offered by the university, which means, it is not for external students (who reside outside the Saudi Kingdom).

The grant is only available for internal students only (who are not Saudi citizens but reside in the Kingdom with resident permit).

If you are an external student, please wait a bit as the university will open the portal for the external application as soon as possible.

Jouf University Scholarship Eligibility and Requirements

To apply for the scholarship at Jouf as an internal applicant, there are certain conditions and requirements to meet with. Below are the requirements and eligibility:

  • The applicant for the Jouf University scholarship must have a high school diploma or its equivalent from inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • That no more than five years have passed since obtaining a high school education (graduation year is not less than 1436/1437 AH).
  • To successfully pass any test or personal interview that the University Council sees fit.
  • To obtain the approval of his reference in the study if he is working for any governmental or private entity.
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Other Conditions

The other conditions required for the valid requests are below:

  • Not be dismissed from Al-Jouf University or any other university for academic or disciplinary reasons.
  • To be a holder of the National Center for Measurement Test (capabilities + achievement for scientific and health colleges).
  • That the test score of the National Center for Measurement is not less than (50) for admission to the bachelor’s degree.

Deadline and How-To Apply for the Jouf University Scholarship

The deadline for the application in which students can apply for the Jouf University scholarship (internal grants) at the institution is within Monday – 11/02/1442 A.H which equivalents to 28/09/2020 A.D while the registration won’t be allowed as of Monday 18/02/1442 A.H which equivalents to 05/10/2020 A.D.

Note that the count down begins now. Ensure you apply now before its too late, and do not forget to inform other students, and also make sure you share this post.

You are eligible to apply for the internal scholarships on the internet through the educational system portal of the university if you meet with the above eligibility and scholarship requirements. 

Do you want to apply? You can click this link to register, provided that it is only available throughout the application period particularized for applicants, and the admittance procedures are concluded by the university.

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