The Admission Department at Qatar University announced yesterday the admission decisions for the spring semester of 2021, explaining that more than 1,300 students from new and transferred students to Qatar University have been accepted, as the percentage of Qatari students who were admitted during the year 2020/2021 was more than 80% of the total.

Total numbers of accepted students. The applicant students will be able to view the admission decisions in their electronic admission accounts on the university website.

For New Students and Transferred

  • Acceptance of all qualified applicant Qatari students as first-year students or transfer students
  • The electronic induction program is mandatory for all accepted students
  • Admission according to the capacity of the available colleges
  • January 10 is the date for the start of the online study for the spring of 2021

The Admission Department indicated that admission is on a competitive basis among applicants, and that achieving the minimum percentage required for the high school diploma or submitting the required documents does not necessarily mean an acknowledgment of admission to Qatar University, as students are accepted according to the available faculties and absorptive capacity.

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Note that, the requirements and conditions for admission to different colleges and specializations may change from one semester to another based on the scientific competency of the applicants and the availability of the absorptive capacity of the colleges and majors.

Electronic Induction Program

The Admissions Department also announced that the electronic induction program will be held by default for the spring semester of 2021 on the first of January for students admitted to the Faculties of Engineering, Education, Sharia, and Islamic Studies, Health Sciences, Pharmacy, Arts and Sciences.

The induction program will be held for students admitted to the College of Business and Economics College of Law will start on January 2, 2021. As for students transferred to Qatar University, their induction program will start on January 3. All accepted students will be contacted via e-mail with details and links for the induction program platform.

The Admission Department indicated that the induction program aims to save time and effort for new students and introduce them to university services and policies virtually in light of the precautionary and preventive measures against the Coronavirus, stressing that attending and passing the induction program is mandatory for all students in order to complete the admission procedures.

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Whoever fails to do this will not be able to be among the students who have qualified for the induction program from registering for courses or attending lectures in the spring of 2021, and they must apply for admission again, as their admission will be canceled.

The Admissions Department stated that the electronic induction program is an interactive electronic platform that includes many videos and presentations to introduce the most important and most important university information, and a virtual tour of the university campus.

The program aims to introduce new students to the university environment, university regulations and policies regulating the various colleges and departments, and the services provided to students during their academic career at Qatar University, in addition to information and instructions that enable them to enter and use the online portal, e-mail services, and academic advising services, and then choose and register Courses while in front of the screen with ease and flexibility.

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Continuing Remote Study

On the other hand, Qatar University announced last week that it will start studying remotely during the spring semester of 2021 for all students on Sunday January 10, 2021 as specified in the academic calendar, using the university’s accredited platform for distance education, blackboard and blackboard.

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The university indicated that it will be excluded from direct attendance of some courses that will be taught on campus, some groups of students who are most vulnerable to disease and its complications (chronic diseases and pregnant women), in addition to students who have contact with infected people, and those in quarantine or home.

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Those who infected with the Covid-19 virus must submit an exemption request from direct attendance to lectures on campus, accompanied by a medical certificate proving their health status, to the committee concerned with studying the exemption requests in the office of the University Vice President for Student Affairs, where the requests will be evaluated and the appropriate decision taken in their regard.