Qatar University Scholarship Announces Application for Spring 2021 Admission. Check Now

Students choose to study undergraduate programs under the Qatar University scholarship for countless reasons best known to them.

Qatar University is one of the largest and oldest universities in Qatar and the world at large.

The university offers the broadest in selecting undergraduate students in majors and minors from ten reputable different colleges.

It also offers the Foundation Program which is opened to students who are high school graduates for the purpose of preparing them to meet the minimum entrance requirements as set by the various colleges at Qatar University.

Benefits of Qatar University

You can benefit from the university irrespective of whether you are a Qatar citizen or an international student as the university is rich with opportunities.

If you are a student who studies in an undergraduate program, you can have the opportunity to be working with an exceptional faculty.

Also, as a student of QU, you can have access to its great educational resources, libraries, and laboratories which will help you in preparing for your career.

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