The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – today lifts the banning on International Flights and reopen its border for to and fro movement. This new development was announced today and the movement starts from 11 AM today.

The Kingdom, according to the Ministry of Interior on Saturday announced the lifting of the ban on International Flights and also announced reopening its both land and sea borders after placing a temporary ban for two weeks starting from Sunday, 11 AM

The Saudi Kingdom took the steps as a precautionary measure after reports of a new strain were being reported from some countries such as the United Kingdom and other top European countries.

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If you could remember, you should know that the international flights has been announced since almost a year back due to the spreading of the deadly virus known as covid-19.

The banning was formally introduced by the Saudi government in order to curb the spreading of this deadly virus. The banning affects many important occasions such as Hajj pilgrimage, Umrah (lesser Hajj) and many more.

Among those who are affected by the banning was international students who study in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on scholarship or non-scholarship. Though it didn’t affect their studies as they are studying online.

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