Are you a student that wants to apply for a scholarship? We are here to shortlist the scholarships that are currently available. Read below to see the list!

AbbVie Fellowship in Immunology

  • Starting Date: October 2020
  • Deadline: December 4, 2020

The AbbVie Immunology Scholarship is opened to offer financial support to exceptional students living with chronic inflammatory diseases. They will be awarded scholarships worth up to $15,000, depending on the type of degree sought.

Every candidate must be legal residents of the United States and on a condition of being diagnosed by a health care professional with any of the following: ankylosing spondylitis (AS), Crohn’s disease (CD), hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), juvenile idiopathic arthritis ( JIA), psoriasis (Ps), psoriatic arthritis (PsA), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), ulcerative colitis (UC) or uveitis (UV).

Qualified applicants must have a plan to enroll in undergraduate (associate, undergraduate) or graduate (master’s, MD, JD, doctorate) studies at a two- or four-year college, university, or vocational-technical school at the United States for the entire next year university curriculum. Scholarships will be given based on academic excellence, community participation, and the ability to serve as a positive role model in the immunological community.

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BURGER KING scholarship program

Deadline: December 18, 2020

There are some values ​​that helped in making a dream come true and it is these same values ​​that are at the heart of the BURGER KING McLAMORE Foundation. Administered by the Foundation, the BURGER KING scholarship program helps employees, employees ‘spouses or domestic partners, employees’ children, and high school seniors of the UUS, Puerto Rico, and Canada a lot to ensure they continue their education.

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High school seniors are encouraged to apply for the Burger King Scholarship program if they live in Canada, Puerto Rico, or the United States; have a cumulative high school average of 2.5 or more on a scale of 4.0 or the equivalent; be an active member of their community through volunteering, sports, clubs and/or religious organizations; as well as a plan to enroll full-time in 2021-2022 in a two- or four-year accredited college, university, or vocational-technical school in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

You can find out more by clicking on this link

Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Program

  • Opening date: Opening October 2020
  • Deadline: December 4, 2020

The Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Program makes a good recognition towards their students for their community service, their academic achievement, and their skill in leadership. Currently, Comcast is giving out more than 800 bursaries of $ 2,500 to exceptional high school seniors.

To apply for the scholarship, students must be a graduate of a high school in 2021, plan to register for a full-time at a two- or four-year college or university in the United States, and also must be a resident in a community served by Comcast and/or NBCUniversal or Telemundo participating markets. Eligibility will be determined by postal code in the online application.

The applicants must have a minimum cumulative average of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 (or its equivalent), demonstrate financial need and their commitments to community service as well as exceptional character, integrity, and leadership. Visit here to learn more and apply.

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DEWALT Scholarship

Deadline: November 20, 2020

The DEWALT Scholarship offers five scholarships worth $10,000 each to students and policymakers pursuing full-time studies at two-year colleges or vocational and technical schools.

Whoever wants to apply must be currently studying in senior high school or undergraduate students with a minimum GPA of 2.0 on a scale of 4.0 (or its equivalent). As an applicant, you must pursue a specialization in commercial fields such as construction, industry, automotive / engine, mechanics, or technology, and you must plan for full-time undergraduate studies during the 2020-21 academic year. Only the first 1,000 requests will be accepted.

Dr. Pepper gift promotion on tuition fees

Opening Date: August 2020 Deadline: October 16, 2020.

Each student deserves chances to discover their potential skills. This is the reason behind Dr. Pepper concerned with them and donated more than $1,000,000 in tuition previous year to help students across the country make their dreams come true.

As of 2008, the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway promotion and competition have changed the lives of students for donating millions of dollars in tuition fees. With the challenges of rising tuition fees and full-time study, Dr. Pepper is proud to help students reach their goals.

Are you a student aged 18-24? If yes, definitely you are eligible to submit your goal and upload a video by clicking on the application link. Dr. Pepper is going to select the finalists for a chance to compete for up to $100,000 in tuition fees at a college football conference championship game in the last month of the year.

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Dr. Michael and Ms. Kay Wilcox Education Fund

Starting Date: December 2020 Deadline: February 19, 2021

Dr. Michael and Ms. Kay Wilcox Education Fund offer renewable awards for undergraduate studies in approved areas related to health care. Whoever wants to apply must be a senior high school graduate or a graduate of the New Prague High School in New Prague, Minnesota.

Any student who receives scholarships from the Fund should plan to enroll in an approved undergraduate health care field in a two or four-year accredited college, university, or vocational-technical school for the entire academic year at come. After graduation, recipients should work in a medically underserved area or population in the state of Minnesota. You can apply through this link.

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Edwards Lifesciences Scholarship Program

  • Opening Date: March 2021
  • Deadline: May 28, 2021

The Edwards Lifesciences Scholarship Program offers renewable scholarships of $2,500 to students who pursue a major in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM majors).

Whoever wants to apply must be a citizens the US or a legal resident who is a high school senior student and a resident of Orange County, California; Salt Lake County, UT; or Puerto Rico. Beneficiaries must demonstrate financial need. Children of Edwards Lifesciences employees can apply regardless of their place of residence, provided that all other eligibility conditions are met.

Note: Only the first 150 requests will be processed.


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