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The Islamic University of Madinah (Reviews, Ranking, Requirements, and Others)

Islamic University of Madinah Overview

Establishment – 1381 A.H/1961A.D
Region Serve – Worldwide
Location Prince Naif Ibn Abdulaziz Road, Al Jamiah; PO Box 170 Medina, Al Madinah, 42351, Saudi Arabia
Accreditation – Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia
Religious AffiliationIslamic
Entity Type – Non-Profit
Acronym – IU
Website – iu.edu.sa
Social Media Facebook, Twitter

The Islamic University of Madinah (الجامعة الإسلامية بالمدينة المنورة‎) is one of the top Arab countries universities as at present. It was established in the holy city of Madinah by the Saudi government under a royal decree dated 25-03-1381AH which equivalents to 1961AD. It was followed by another Royal Decree (No. 21) of 1381 AH which equivalents to 1961 A.D.

In 1386 AH – 1966 A.D, the Royal Decree No. M/18 issued the approval of the Madinah University with its system. Also, another system was issued its approval for the university in line with the Royal Decree No. M/70 1395 AH – 1975 A.D.

Many people claim the university associates with the Wahhabi Salafi ideology and state it exports Salafi-inclined theologians around the globe. However, Abdur Rahman I. Doi disagrees with the statement and confirms that this is nothing but a misunderstanding. He also claims that the institution is never objectivities and scientific attached to any singular ideology.

The university aims to convey the Islamic message to the people around the world through education and da’wah. Also, it educates and equips whosoever gain admission into the institution among Muslim students with science and knowledge that will prepare them to resolve whatever problems the Muslims may face in religious aspects and worldly affairs.

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