Amazing: Türkiye Scholarships Application Results Announced for 2020

We from use this medium to congratulate fresh studentship and scholarship holders for joining Türkiye Scholarships Family as they thank all the candidates especially the successful applicants for showing their interest in Türkiye Scholarships.

As it’s not unclear to everyone that, due to the new pandemic of Coronavirus which was distinguished by the WHO, World Health Organization as a pandemic in earlier this year (2020) and defined as COVID-19, it led to open-ended negative implications. In this means, many nations had to take remarkable measures from the travel bans to border closures, from economic measures to lockdowns.

In spite of all unforeseen interruptions which originated from the outbreak of the deadly virus, each request submitted by the applicants for Türkiye Scholarships has been checked meticulously with exceptional commitment and consideration.

The evaluation means of nearly 156,000 requests received from 170+ nations around the globe for Türkiye Scholarships have been completed minus for applicants who submitted their requests from countries like Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The report regarding the decisive results from Turkiye Scholarships has commenced being sent to all applicants with exception of candidates who come from the aforementioned countries. If you submitted but fail to receive the message yet, just be patient as it may take some time for results to get in touch with you, due to a wide number of requests.

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